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About Us

Nathaniel Busch, CPA founded Busch Tax Company in 2016 to meet the growing demand for entrepreneurial tax & accounting services.
We believe one of the most significant threats to a taxpayer is ineffective tax compliance.

Considering the following:
• The Internal Revenue Code is 3.8 million words long
• Each year, 600 changes to the IRC are put in place by Congress
• Much of the tax code favors those with the income to influence how the laws are written
• The record keeping requirements for self-employed individuals is significantly more burdensome than the average taxpayer
• The penalties for incorrect tax reporting are significant
• Audit representation can cost several thousands of dollars
• If audited and found owing additional tax, the risk of future audit increases substantially

Given these factors, how important is it to you to hire a proactive, competent tax advisor?

We Value Entrepreneurs & Self-Investors

Our company specializes in servicing entrepreneurs and those who have the spirit and wherewithal to invest in themselves.
The need for a small business owner to obtain quality expertise in tax compliance is critical. The self-employed are amongst the
most heavily taxed citizens in the United States.

Our Billing Practices Are Reasonable

Our firm offers creative, responsive, and high quality service at a reasonable rate.  We value long-term business relationships with our clients and acknowledge fair and reasonable billing are a means to that end.

Our Advice is Cost-Benefit Driven

Value is strictly defined as benefit in excess of cost. The strategies we offer and the services we provide always adopt cost- benefit driven measures and as a result, provide value!

We also realize our advice can impact the advice of other professionals. We frequently work with lawyers, insurance agents, consultants, and other professionals whose work may be affected by our services. We have seen great tax advice create significant legal problems and vice versa!

We Are Proactive, Not Reactive

Engaging an accountant is much more than having forms prepared periodically. Our management of our client base is aggressive, proactive, and strategic. Our clients engage us so we may engage them at multiple points throughout the year to ensure their plan is followed and tax goals achieved.

As a result, our clients are well informed, educated, and prepared for their tax liabilities.