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Our Services

Our firm is fitted to provide a small business with any and all needs from an accounting and tax compliance standpoint.

Tax Planning

Our greatest value we provide our clients is strategic, forward thinking advisory services. Very few of our client relationships solely involve annual preparation. We push our clients to obtain a firm understanding of their “tax plan”. To adequately do so, an accountant must meet their clients outside of normal tax season.

Our firm has access to and experience with tax code and case law to provide our clients with the most sound, well rooted tax strategies.

Tax Compliance & Preparation

Our compliance and tax preparation services are prepared responsively and accurately.

Our preparation services include but are not limited to:

• Individuals
• Corporations (S & C)
• Partnerships
• Trusts & Estates
• Not For Profits
• Sales & Use Tax
• State & Local Income In All Taxing States


Our staff is well versed in a multitude of accounting software and can provide accounting and bookkeeping services accordingly. Our bookkeeping services can be provided on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

We provide bookkeeping services in conjunction with the following software:

• QuickBooks Pro
• QuickBooks Online
• Wave
• Xero
• Freshbooks


Our firm provides both payroll tax preparation as well as escrow & payment of payroll & payroll liabilities for our clients.

Audit Representation

If audited, it is critical that you obtain competent representation. Representation is rarely ever cheap and can get progressively more expensive should it expand beyond the field level.

We provide aggressive audit representation services to both existing clients as well as client work prepared by other accountants.

We are highly experienced in working with numerous IRS offices throughout the United States. Audits can be conducted locally (Ohio) or remotely with no difficulty.

Our professionals are trained and experienced in working with several forms of authority (Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, Revenue Rulings, and Judicial Case Law) that can and will assist you in the event of an audit.